123Dentist Acquires Three Canadian Financial Institutions

As part of the Canadian expansion, 123Dentist has acquired three new financial institutions for an additional $180 million in capital. The addition of three new financial institutions will allow the company to build on its strategy of “dentists first.” Ultimately, this will strengthen Dental Winnipeg‘s marketing, operational, and back office capabilities. In addition, the acquisition will allow 123Dentist to expand across Canada. And it will only get better from here.

Let Us Take A Look At The Benefits Of Visiting The Office

If you’re looking for a dental clinic in Winnipeg, you’ve come to the right place. Modern dentistry offers the best services in the industry to create the perfect smile. Not only do they provide excellent dental care, but they also eliminate the stress that can come with traditional dentistry. Let us take a look at the benefits of visiting the office. We recommend it! Let us show you the many advantages of a dental clinic in Winnipeg. And we can’t forget to mention its convenient location!


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