Using a Polishing Tumbler to Polish Gemstones

The process of polishing gemstones involves several stages, and using a polishing tumblers is the final step. The process should be done before setting stones to prevent any damage to the stones. Before putting a piece of jewelry into the tumbler, make sure that it has already been buffed to a uniform grit. Some jewelers also use a thousand-grit radial silicone disc as their final step. While tumbling will clear up any minor fire scale, it will not close most scratches or touch excess solder.

Longitudinal Continuous Feed-though Vibratory Finishing System

A tumbler has several advantages. For one, it is less noisy than a vibratory tumbler. In addition to this, it can polish more delicate materials. It also uses fewer consumables than rotary tumbling. The downside of tumblers is that they need active management. For instance, barrel leakage is a common problem with some tumbler models.

When using a tumbler, make sure to follow all operating and safety instructions. Depending on the tumbler, you may need to adjust the grits and sequence of steps. Check your tumbler regularly to ensure that it is not plugged. Also, make sure to leave plenty of space for the stones to roll.

Rock tumblers can be used for many things, from small items to large stones. There are two general types of tumblers: rotary and vibratory tumblers. The former is more efficient for polishing stones that are already in shape.

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