What Are the Characteristics of 925 Jewelry?

You can find a piece of 925 Jewelry by looking for a hallmark. This hallmark means that it is made of “925” metal. This is a very important characteristic since a lot of gold jewelry is gold plated. In addition, you can look for the stamped words STER or 925 EP.

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This type of jewelry is often cheaper than solid gold. Moreover, it will not tarnish. The hallmarks are usually engraved on the jewelry by jewelers. In addition, you can find gold vermeil jewelry, which is not as expensive as solid gold. Gold vermeil jewelry is also better than gold plated jewelry, as it won’t be affected by tarnishing.

Real 925 silver jewelry does not have an odor. However, some pieces of silver may contain traces of copper, which will produce an odor. Moreover, magnets don’t attract silver. If they do, this means that the piece contains a high percentage of other metals. In addition, real 925 silver jewelry will show the hallmarks, even if it doesn’t have a scent.

Another characteristic of sterling silver is its tensile strength. This quality is important for a ring to last for a long time. A ring made of this metal can hold a high amount of weight and still remain in good condition. It is also very beautiful. Sterling silver is commonly used for jewelry and fine tableware.

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