Add Shape to Your Booty With Scrunch Leggings

Scrunch leggings are a great way to add shape to your thighs, butt, or hips. They come in a variety of colors and styles. You can wear scrunch leggings with sneakers, flats, or heels. The leggings are made of a soft, comfortable fabric that hugs the body.

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The RUHEE scrunch leggings are designed to accentuate your curves. The four-way stretch fabric gives your legs great compression, which will tuck any muffin tops and shape your waistline. They are available in many beautiful colors, and come with an elastic waistband for a smooth fit.

A good pair of scrunch leggings will fit like a second skin and give your booty a peachy look. They should also be comfortable enough for active lifestyles. The main function of a scrunch legging is to contour your derriere and give you a natural lift. Some scrunch leggings are textured, which helps hide any skin imperfections.

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