South Carolina Private Investigator License

Obtaining a private investigator license in South Carolina is a legal requirement if you plan on conducting an investigation. You will need a license for conducting criminal or civil investigations, locating lost property, and obtaining information from administrative agencies.

What state is easiest to become a private investigator?

To apply for a license, you will need a notarized application and two fingerprint cards. In addition, you will need a $10,000 surety bond. The SLED will assess your credentials and determine whether or not you meet the minimum requirements to receive a private investigator license.

The SLED also makes rules and regulations regarding sc private investigator. They also investigate complaints about PI’s and are tasked with evaluating the merits of a PI’s performance.

For example, you can’t claim to be a PI if you have a felony conviction. Also, you can’t obtain a license if you have been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude.

To be a licensed private investigator in South Carolina, you must be 18 years old. You must have three years of experience as a police officer and two years of experience as an investigator in a licensed investigation business. If you have completed a graduate degree, you may count that as one year of experience.

A written contract is required, and must include all the pertinent details. This includes the date and time of the investigation, the services you provide, the results, and the amount of money you receive from the client.

Continuing education is mandatory to maintain your private investigator license. Every twenty-four months, you must complete and document at least twelve hours of approved continuing education.


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