Charleston Veterinary Clinic

Visiting a Charleston veterinary clinic is an important part of a healthy pet owner-pet relationship. A vet can offer the utmost in veterinary care and advice. Having a vet to call upon can help ensure your furry friend lives a long and happy life. Find out more

Is being a vet easier than a doctor?

The Animal Hospital in North Charleston is a full service veterinary facility that is well suited to the pet population of the city. From basic pet vaccinations to more complex surgical procedures, the veterinary staff at the Animal Hospital has got you covered. With a staff of highly skilled and friendly veterinary professionals, your pet is in the very best of hands.

The Animal Hospital is a family run business that is proud to serve Dorchester, Berkeley, and York counties. The modern veterinary facility is conveniently located within a pet-friendly neighborhood of North Charleston. Providing the best veterinary care in the area, the staff at the Animal Hospital is dedicated to making your experience as pleasant as possible.

Considering the level of veterinary care the Animal Hospital provides, it’s not surprising that a pet owner’s wallet is not drained merely by an out-of-town trip. Whether your furry companion needs a quick checkup or a more comprehensive veterinary health regimen, the Animal Hospital will help get you back on track to enjoying the joys of pet ownership. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, the Animal Hospital is your one stop shop for all things animal related.

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